the female version of martin luther king -peace-

-this is the new me guys.
-no meanness.
so while i try to be all these things wish me luck.


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..and just so you know..

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call me what you like.
i’m done with being a push over.
she is my bestfriend.
if i loose her you wont see me-ever.
mol i love you.
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Follow that advices.<3
Captured - 30/10/11;♥

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True Story

this  showed  me  who  really cares  for  me  and  who  doesn’t.
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Permalink the final series- when i heard this was the last i was in tears.
i came home from school and watched friends for the rest of the night. it would always make me smile. i can’t believe its over and now the old ones are on comedy central. for christmas i am asking for every series. i adore friends and i think i always will,xxx
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I’m just another obsessed Hooligan.

I have been sad this past year, but if I hadn’t of been that sad person I would if never even dreamed to listen to bruno mars. Being sad I extremely hard I cry a lot, but whenever I am down I can count on my friends to let me talk about him, or just listening to him makes me smile. He has powers over me. And I love him. BrunoMars.